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Community Care

(Staffing Agency)

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Let us prove to you that staffing agencies can be different, better and overall more helpful. Contact us today to get more information regarding setting up services. We can't wait to help you make your community a great place for your residents to live in.

(636) 488-4196

Why Go With Us?


Dedicated Team

Our team is dedicated to the work they do, and providing the best in class care to your community at all times.


24/7 Contact

For those that we work with, our phones are always on. Reachable by text massage, phone call or email. We are always responsive and promise to always do all that we can to resolve any situation you may have.


Real Time App Access

For our more tech savvy partners we offer the option to have live access to our staffing app. Get real time updates as they come in, post/edit/cancel your own shifts and more! As always our team is always available and email updates will still be sent as well.


Less Headache

You already work with your own staffing day to day. Let us handle ours, our office team is always ready to help, call offs, last minute coverage, shift management/postings. All handled from our office so you don't have to worry about it.


The Care You Need

Our team is filled with caregivers of all levels. We provide staff with L1MA, CNA, CMT, LPN and more. Our goal is to always be the go to when in need, and we are always receptive to recommendations if needs arise in other areas.


Budget Friendly Pricing

We all operate within a budget, and we want to help you maintain that. Unlike most more expensive agency companies, we aim to keep your cost low while still paying a premium rate to our staff. Bonus can always be offered to staff for those more difficult shifts, at the communities discretion, but no more high hourly rates to keep your community functioning, we know budgets are the lest thing you want to worry about while trying to build your team back up.

Not Sure You Want to Go With Us? Take a Look at Our Detailed Features.

I've worked with a lot of agencies in my time while managing multiple communities. I know the headache it can be on top of the day to day. So I set out to change all of that, what if an agency could do better, well with my vision in mine I believe they can. 

Shawn Klaas, Owner and President of Operations

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