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A healthcare Staffing Agency built to create a much needed difference in the industry.

Teams qualified to meet your needs, and held accountable for their shifts and work ethic. 

Set pricing without premium rates or other additional fees. (Exception of Holidays)

Pricing transparency, know what you'll pay every time you request help.

Why Go With Us?


Dedicated Team

Our team is dedicated to the work they do, and providing the best in class care to your community at all times.


24/7 Contact

For those that we work with, our phones are always on. Reachable by text massage, phone call or email. We are always responsive and promise to always do all that we can to resolve any situation you may have.


Real Time Updates

Staffing changes to many times a day to be out of the loop. Our scheduling Team ensures you are up to date on every shift covered as soon as it is covered. We work on your coverage 24/7 so that you don't have to, and keep you informed as soon as changes happen.



Our teams dedication makes holding them accountable easy. However, when the need arises we hold our team to a high standard. Call offs, no shows, tardies and performance issues are never tolerated. Corrective actions are given and training before allowing our team to return to working shifts when a policy is broken.


Less Headache

You already work with your own staffing day to day. Let us handle ours, our office team is always ready to help, call offs, last minute coverage, shift management/postings. All handled from our office so you don't have to worry about it.


The Care You Need

Our team is filled with caregivers of all levels. We provide staff with L1MA, CNA, CMT, LPN and more. Our goal is to always be the go to when in need.


Budget Friendly Pricing

We all operate within a budget, and we want to help you maintain that. Unlike most more expensive agency companies, we aim to keep your cost low while still paying a premium rate to our staff to ensure coverage of your shifts without putting to large of a strain on your budget.

I've worked with a lot of agencies in my time while managing multiple communities. I know the headache it can be on top of the day to day. So I set out to change all of that, what if an agency could do better, well with my vision in mine I believe they can. 

Shawn Klaas, Owner and President of Operations

Still Not Sure? Look at How we compare...

Our Agency           VS     Other Agencies

 We Hold Our Staff Accountable

We Manage the Agency Schedule

One-on-One Communication

We Work with Our Staff

Live Updates from a Staffing Coordinator

Active Last Minute Coverage Assistance

Experienced Teams from Selective Hiring

Fixed Low Cost for Staffing

Bonus Programs to Encourage Engagement

Performance Based Annual Team Reviews

Month to Month Services with a Price Lock

And Much, Much More

No Accountability for Negative Actions

Community Manages the Agency Schedule

No Contact all Digital/App Management

Community is Responsible for Contacting Staff

Automated App Notifications and Emails

Single Shift Posting with Often No Results

Bulk Hiring with Little Contact

Fluxuating High Cost for Staffing

No Incentives to Encourage Engagement

No Long-term Team Benefits

Service Contracts Locking You Into Services

Or Much, Much Less

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