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Pricing for Services

We offer a fixed rate for staffing assistance to avoid fluctuations and high overpriced services.

Overtime rates and holiday hours differ.

Details included with service agreement.

Corporate Service Pricing Differs

Call for More Details

24/7 Contact

Staffing doesn't work on business office schedules, and nether do we. Someone is reachable 24/7 to provide support when you need it. Talk to a live person at any point in the day, no matter what day it is. Our team is always available and ready to help.

Hands on Approach

Working with a Staffing Agency shouldn't add more work to your plate. Let us take care of the headache of your open needs and work with/ manage our team. You get access to our application to see real time updates on coverage, with no need to update, port, or approve anything.

Stop When Your Ready

No messy contracts that lock you into services. We have a simple 6 month price lock agreement. If you have the team you need again, you just let us know and we wont bother you. If you wish you can close your account, or leave it open incase need come up, were just a phone call away.

Trial Hiring Program

The reason we need staffing agencies is due to a shortage of staff. The goal is to obtain enough staff so that agency is not longer needed. Our aim is to help you do that.

If our team enjoys working in your community, and you enjoy having them, then why not hire on a amazing asset. With us, you can. It's as simple as a 30 day notice and they can join your team.

Advanced Access

If your interested in managing your own schedule, you can!

With live access to our app you can login at anytime and make the changes you need or not, it is completely up to you. Our team is always ready to help, but we know some others like to mange things on their own.

Still Not Sure? Look at How we compare...

Our Agency           VS     Other Agencies

 We Hold Our Staff Accountable

We Manage the Agency Schedule

One-on-One Communication

We Work with Our Staff

Live Updates from a Staffing Coordinator

Active Last Minute Coverage Assistance

Experienced Teams from Selective Hiring

Fixed Low Cost for Staffing

Bonus Programs to Encourage Engagement

Performance Based Annual Team Reviews

Month to Month Services with a Price Lock

And Much, Much More

No Accountability for Negative Actions

Community Manages the Agency Schedule

No Contact Digital/App Management

Community is Responsible for Contacting Staff

Automated App Notifications and Emails

Single Shift Posting with Often No Results

Bulk Hiring with Little Contact

Fluxuating High Cost for Staffing

No Incentives to Encourage Engagement

No Long-term Team Benefits

Service Contracts Locking You Into Services

Or Much, Much Less


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