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A Short History About Us

Assisted Living Solutions started as a small company based in St. Louis, Missouri. We started this journey with a vision of an agency that worked differently (better) than the others we had all worked with. We stand true to that still, while we have grown larger, we remain small in operations. We have done this to keep overhead costs low and allow us to pass that savings on to our clients. A path that we will remain on no matter where our journey takes us.

Meet The Team


Shawn Klaas, NCC, CMA, CDP, CEC

President of Operations & Marketing

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technology Officer / Chief Marketing Officer / Chief Analytics Officer

Years of experience in long term care (ALF, SNF, MC) and staffing coordination for multiple companies. Staffing Consultant as well.


Cody Williams, LPN, RCAL

President of Clinical Services & Finance 

Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer / Chief Compliance Officer

Years of experience as a Nurse, Executive Director, Regional Director of Operations and more.


Robert Wagner

President of Human Resources

Chief Human Resource Manager / Chief Data Officer

Years of experience as a Human Resource worker, specialist in worker compensation and unemployment claims.

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Coming Soon


Staffing Coordination Director

360_F_208980504_njS12KTuZLQ3wQZaHLbKpSLFNu9rF6Hs (1).jpg

Coming Soon

Client Services Director



CNAs, LPNs, CMTs, CMAs and more

Front Line Partner team of Nurses and Care Givers

We work with the best that our field has to offer, this teams years of service and dedication to our field make them the top team to work with. Each of our partners take pride in what they do and it shows.

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